Probst Willi Bakery, Restaurant, Boulvevard Cafe and Coffeeshop


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Restaurant - Coffeshop, Bread and cakes

Our Restaurant-bakery opens at 6:15am daily to serve breakfast in-house or you can get mostly all goods on the menu as take-out .  Every morning we have a display of Broetchen with at least 50 different toppings to choose from.  Also on the menu are toasteds, pies, omeletts,etc.

From 11:30 we serve Lunch.  The menu has something for everyone - from Spaghetti Bolognese, soups, Curries, Different Schnitzel options, steaks, fish,calamari, prawns,oxtail ,stews and various other. Also a seperate kiddies menu. 

 We are famous for our Real Dairy Schwarzwaelder Kirsch Torte and our Baked or Fridge Cheesecake made from real cottage cheese.  There is a huge variety of cakes all made in our own bakery.

Fresh breads and our famous Probst-Broetchens are on the shelves from  6:15am. 

 Novelty cakes, Birthday Cakes, Wedding cakes, cupcakes,Baptism Cakes and other cakes are made in our confectionery only on order.  Please come and see us personally.